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The Greatest-Scapes is an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau since 1986—and we have an A+ rating. 

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See for yourself why it's a pleasure to deal with The Greatest-Scapes.


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Click Here for Our Most Popular Offering!  The Acclaimed Transfer-To-Canvas Framed Oil Replicas!


Our Exclusive Offerings!!

Click Here for “The History of Team Uniforms” framed prints of the NFL, NHL and MLB.  Bask in the Pride!


Click Here for “The Pittsburgh Steelers: The Franchise That Destiny Built”


Click Here for Ice-Cool Penguins’ Art

Click Here for SPORTS HEAVEN: the History of Team Uniforms in the NFL, NHL and MLB Framed Art


 (Click Here for “Clash of Titans: “ and New York Sports Art)


Our Additional Offerings!

Click Here for Steelers, Penguins and Pirates Art


Below is all our offerings:



The Greatest-Scapes

E-mail: greatestscapes@hotmail.com


We bid you welcome to The Greatest-Scapes. Established in 1986, we’re truly one of the premier and unique Art Companies because we can accommodate you in every way imaginable. First of all, our dealerships and connections gives us access to virtually any work of

art--be it an Original, Limited Edition, Oil, Sculpture, Print, Poster, Photograph, Tapestry or Animation Cel--available in the United States or in Europe. That includes Blue Chip Art for pleasure or investment. (That’s correct, we’re speaking of virtually impossible-to-find Masterpieces such as Monets and Picassos.) We can also turn your own self-made artworks into Prints, Posters or fine art Giclees. And we're the source for custom Portraits, Oil Paintings and Busts, as well as custom Lifesize Bronze Sculptures. Finally, we are known for our Custom Services--such as the aforementioned Oil Paintings and Sculptures, and in particular our superb Custom Framing and Mountings.  And if you wish, we would be happy to send you custom Mailings including Frame samples.  And as for our Customer Service, all we ask is that you judge for yourself.   Best yet, all our prices are DISCOUNTED!


We are proud to say The Greatest-Scapes is indeed a

ONE-STOP Source for all your Art Needs & Desires!!


Click here for a short-cut to our most popular offerings:


*Prints and Posters:  We have a vast line of tens of thousands!

*Custom Mats

*Alternative Framing Options

*Bronze Sculptures


Please note we are known for our Customized Mailings.  The Greatest-Scapes will happily mail you visuals--such as catalogues, brochures or flyers--as well as mail you frame samples.  And if you prefer, we will e-mail you visuals and information.  Whatever you're interested in, we can accommodate you.


Our CUSTOMER SERVICE IS RENOWNED for being helpful and thorough.  Just call us toll-free

at 1-800-786-3022 anytime between 10am and 5:30pm (Eastern) Monday through Friday for

any reason.  Or e-mail us at greatestscapes@hotmail.com, and we will respond promptly.


Because we have access to

EVERYTHING in the World of Art


you owe it to yourself to compare our low discount prices including shipping!


Just telephone us at 1-800-786-3022

or 412-781-3022, or e-mail us at greatestscapes@hotmail.com

with any titles or descriptions.


When we quote you our price, you won’t be disappointed.  You also won’t be disappointed with our Customer Service!!


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If you have any particular Subjects, Artists or Titles you’re interested in that’s not shown on our website, just let us know.  We’ll then show you what’s available by researching our many dealerships and extensive sources.  And, there is never any obligation on your part.

And our prices are exceptional. Indeed we invite you to compare our prices to anyone.


For Payment, The Greatest-Scapes accepts Visa, MasterCard, check or money order.


For your convenience, please click here for our Order Form.






The Greatest-Scapes proudly offers tens of thousands of Prints & Posters.  Our source is Liebermans, which is an exclusive supplier to approved dealers. Click www.liebermans.net, and use the search engine at the Top Left.


Please note your cost for any Print and Poster depicted on the www.Liebermans.net site

is 15 percent off the retail price listed—plus a one-time $6.95 discount shipping charge regardless of how many prints or posters you order!!

(For shipments outside the continental United States, the  shipping cost will be higher but still discounted.)

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When you find any Prints or Posters that interest you, you can contact us if you would like to confirm the cost or if you have any questions. You can call us at 1-800-786-3022 or 1-412-781-3022 anytime between 10am and 5:30pm (Eastern) Monday through Friday.

Or you can e-mail us at greatestscapes@hotmail.com.



Or you can call us at 1-800-786-3022 or 412-781-3022 anytime between 10am and 5:30pm (Eastern) Monday through Friday to place an order. Or you can fill out the Order Form and fax it to us anytime toll-free at 1-800-519-3884.


And of course you can always mail us your order using the address listed on the Order Form.


For your convenience, please click here for our Order Form.


We’re especially recognized for our vast collection of Photographic Prints—which are not available on the Lieberman’s site—depicting thousands of locations around the world.  If you’re interested in any places or landmarks, just let us know and we’ll show you what’s available.


Additional Information about Prints & Posters:

These Prints & Posters can be purchased unframed—or you can Custom Frame them with our extensive selection of frames and mats!!  Thus you can create the perfect Artpiece in the convenience of your home or office.  And always remember, there is never any obligation on your part.  (By the way, if this site doesn’t have a particular Print or Poster or Subject you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll look for it from our many other sources.)




We also offer these standard metal frames.


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#100 – Gold             #107 - Khaki

#101 – Taupe           #108 - Grape

#104 – Gold            #200 - Silver

#105 - Deep Blue    #300 - Black

#106 - Dark Green


Additional Information about Custom Framing:

A Customer Service representative is here to assist you—whether for Frame and Mat suggestions, or Frame selections to meet a price range, or whatever you have in mind.  And, again, there is never any obligation on your part.


In addition, we have a large selection of mats in a variety of colors.


Please click here for our Mat Chart and

information on Custom Matting.


If you’re interested in a less-expensive and distinct alternative to Framed Art, we offer these mounting options:


Click here for descriptions and information on Alternative Mountings


For your convenience, please click here for our Order Form.



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We also offer the amazing "transfer-to-canvas" Oil Replicas-- a process whereby any reproduction print or poster of any artwork (as well as your family photographs) is transformed into a Replica Oil painting with brushstrokes. In other words, it looks exactly like an Original. There is also a large selection of exquisite museum-quality frames to choose from. And we will gladly send you frame samples of any frames you are considering. Please call us or e-mail us for details.

Click Here for detailed information about our transfer-to-canvas Oil Replicas.


If you would like us to mail you a free brochure detailing our transfer-to-canvas Oil Replicas, please phone us at 1-800-786-3022 or Email us at greatestscapes@hotmail.com

Because we have access to virtually every available artwork this site does not have visuals of all the artworks --since that would definitely require the Louve of all sites. WHAT WE WILL DO THOUGH--which is what The Greatest-Scapes is known for--is either e-mail or mail you visuals (i.e., catalogues, catalogue pages, flyers, brochures, photographs—as well as Dossiers, Provenances and Presentations for Masterpiece Artworks) picturing whatever you're interested in. All we ask is that you eventually return any customized mailing back to us in the stamped envelope we provide. And if you do place an order, you may hold on to the visuals until your order arrives.

Our advertisements have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian Magazine, Art & Antiques Magazine and other fine publications. There is simply no risk when dealing with The Greatest-Scapes. All orders are confirmed in writing--guaranteeing the low price, authenticity and condition of the artwork.  And of course there is a complete 30-day moneyback guarantee including shipping.

Just call us at 800-786-3022 or 412-781-3022 (or E-mail us at greatestscapes@hotmail.com) anytime between 10am and 5:30pm (Eastern) Monday through Friday and let us know what titles, subjects or artists you're interested in. We'll then go to work for you. And please note there is never any obligation on your part.

And please know that we are accessible to answer any of your questions or assist you in any way. When it comes to art we think it's important the we fully discuss whatever you're interested in--be it a poster, framing or fine art. Or even if you have a question about a work of art you already own.

As an Art Lover you have come upon the perfect source. We are truly unique.

 Click Here for our exclusive customized Bugs Bunny Animation Cel Artpiece!!






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E-mail: greatestscapes@hotmail.com


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